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ABC Group
Compassion Christian Counseling Center

Faith-Based Counseling and Lifeskills Re-Entry
Counselors Training School
Drug & Alcohol Recovery
Group Counseling
Pastoral Counseling
Pre-Marital Counseling


Calm your mind and relax your body

Course 1: Christian Counseling........ $159.00

What is Christian Counseling, Ethics, Makeup of Man, Biblical Personality Assessment, Faith Based Therapy, Recognizing Mental Illness, Basics of Christian Counseling, legal Issues, Identity/Position/ Purpose/Significance in Christ, Mental Illness, Opening a Counseling Ministry, Value of Nutrition 

Course 2: Advanced Christian Counseling.......$159.00

Stress, Codependency, Grief/Loss, Anger/Forgiveness, Premarital/Marital Counseling, Depression (psychological and physical) Suicide, Anxiety Disorders,

Sexual Abuse & Addictions, Overview of Deliverance 

Course 3: God 14 Drug Recovery Program.........$159.00

Overview of Drug & Alcohol Education, Sin & Disease of Alcoholism, Identifying the Addict, AA & NA, Scriptural Steps, Relapse & Enabling, Family Dynamic, Breaking Physical & Psychological Addiction, Breaking Addiction to Prescription Drugs, Detox Categories, Screening, Neurotransmitters, Chemistry Re-balancing, God 14 Workbook, Forms & Assessments.

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