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Go Green

Go GreenSynergy Enterprises
Dr. Janet Cobb, PhD, DD 
P. O. Box 4052, Dallas, Texas 75208



  Go Greensynergy Enterprises

P.O. Box 4052 * Dallas, Texas 75208
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Go Greensynergy Enterprises was created as an advocate for green initiative companies that are seeking innovative ways to get green products into the market place and household.

In addition, Go Greensynergy Dallas was designed to create a vast concept that will attract consumers to buy green products and to support the American idea to “Go Green” . Go Green is the ticket to stimulate our economy and a way to create endless innovative green jobs.

In the integral concept of stimulating the economy and creating vast green jobs, Go Greensynergy Enterprises formed a partnership with green initiative entities, community organizations, businesses, churches, schools and colleges to help design a new plan to turn Dallas’s poverty areas from a blighted community into a green beautiful community.

These areas are due for restructure but they carry a high degree of value and resources; and that is, Trash! Yes, recyclable trash is becoming one of the number one leading sources to keep the economy empowered.

Around the world, municipalities have been looking for innovative ways to recycle trash that has become skyscraper in the landfill. The solution to our landfill and economy problems lies in our programs.

To end our problems, we have proposed a comprehensive plan to clean up the trash in the community and turn that trash into recyclable products.

Recycle companies are in great demand for recyclable trash. We plan to meet their demand needs by creating jobs to clean up the community. Not only have we planned to clean up the community, but also revitalize the community by rebuilding the state-of-the-art energy efficient green homes.

In regards to this, our concept will prove to stimulate the economy and create endless green jobs in the future.

Go Greensynergy Enterprises and its partners

have began to combine their resources in an effort to carry out a community clean-up pilot program.

The program is designed to be used as a model to show how green jobs can be created through community clean-up, community redevelopment, and beautification projects.

In the content of this program, we have acquired facilities to facilitate our programs educating the community about “Go Green”.

As of now, we are preparing a “Go Green” Dallas Campaign encouraging the citizens of Dallas to get involved in an on-going

Go Green” Campaign.

With the help of our radio, TV stations and newspaper partners, we are able to attract the majority of people motivating them to take part into a green movement that is going to change the future.

Entertainment is one of our drawing tickets that we are using to excite people to get involved and to be a part of “Go Green Dallas Event”.

Our children depend on us to make the world a cleaner and safer environment to live. God encourage us to be Fruitful and Multiply.

So, get involve now with our “Go Green”Dallas Campaign and be a supporter to our cause and our children’s future!

It takes the Whole Village!

Go Greensynergy Dallas Event

President, Dr Janet Cobb

 Go Greensynergy Enterprises

P.O. Box 4052 * Dallas, Texas 75208
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Earth Day 2013
Monday,April 22,2013
10AM to 2:00PM

Go Greensynergy Enterprises is proud to be a part of a team of community organizations that are setting the platform for a new green initiative.

We are currently signing up individuals and businesses to partake in our “Go Green” Campaign.

The campaign is schedule to begin EARTH DAY! April 22,2013 .

At that time, we will create a momentum that will excite individuals to get actively involved in our “Go Green Dallas” Campaign.

We will host a series of events that will place the emphasis on “Go Green Dallas 2013”!

The events will be held at the corner of Cedar Crest Blvd and Morrell Street at The Cadillac Park of Dallas.

There you will have the opportunity to be a part of a ground breaking event.This event will highlight the misconception of what people do not understand about why we need to “Go Green”.

More information on the events will be in your local newspaper and media broadcasting stations. So, get prepared for a “Go Green Dallas 2013” Campaign that is going to be out of this world!!!

As sponsors , of “Go-Green Dallas 2013" Campaign, the newly created organization goals is to use this community as a model to make Dallas a #1 green city for other cities to emulate.

Go Greensynergy Enterprises, the leading nonprofit organization, projected to stimulate the economy by creating green jobs through community clean-up, community redevelopment and ccommunity beautification projects.

Go Greensynergy Enterprises, as a go green advocate for green companies, also promotes the production and sale of green products helping green companies to get a niche into the world market place.

We are encouraging businesses and our neighbors to support green companies! It is the way of the future!

Goals and Objectives:

Education is one of our biggest components in regards to educating the people in the community about the benefit that they can receive by “Go Green”.

There is money for the people of the community that they are not aware of.

We are inclined and compelled to enlighten and to educate the people of the community about how they can take an advantage of the money that is available to them.

Educate and inform the community about the array of community programs and services that are available to them.

Go Greensynergy Enterprises will bring leadership, structure and organization that will benefit the whole community.

Educate our children about the importance of recycling and how they can receive incentives for their participation in the community recycling programs.

Encouraging residents to bring their recyclable trash (products) to Go Greensynergy Enterprises recycling bins placed at designated areas though out the community.

The proceeds from the sale of the community recyclable trash will be used to employ veterans, ex- offenders, and the unemployed.

Encourage conservations about creek and wooded areas near urban developments.

We want to clean and beautify while remaining as natural as possible to retain and attract wildlife all year long.

Utilize church facilities as a community service center to facilitate programs that educate our children, family and other individuals about the empowerment of "Go Green" and to encourage everyone to get involved, also to provide nutritional food programs to promote healthy eating and community awareness to reduce obesity and healthier lifestyles and most importantly, Spiritual & Church support.

To provide job readiness, job training, job placement and affordable housing to all who has a difficult time obtaining such resources.

It has been said, “ One man trash is another man’s treasurer”.

It is this concept that Go Grensynergy Enterprises seizes the opportunity to collect trash that is an eyesore to the community and that can be recycled.

Encouraging the entire community to participate in an ongoing community clean-up year-round and in return , Go Greensynergy Enerprises continues to empower the community and generate an array of green jobs.

Strategies and Action Plan:

Strategy is to create momentum through a marketing campaign in the city of Dallas that will attract green companies in demand of recyclable trash and items such as:Plastic bottles, glass and beverage bottles, aluminum, metal, iron, House and car batteries, cardboard boxes and paper, computers and all electronics ,Etc.

Action Plan:

Promote green companies to promote their green products.

Provide innovative ways to advertise green products.

Educate the businesses about the benefits of buying and using green products.

Educate the family about better green products that are better for healthier living and our environment.

Facilitate effective ways to restore, conserve, and preserve nature in the urban environment.

Utilizing all church facilities that have class room spaces to educate our children, the community about the importance of why we must go green.

Educate children and youth from the age of 6 year old and up about the importance of recycling, organic garden and the incentives they receive for participating in our day to day re-community development on the concept of going green.

Church Community Center Programs ( funded by the government)

Church facilities will be utilized to facilitate these programs as a community educational center providing the following programs and services.

  • Food and nutritional programs to reduce obesity in the communities
  • After school and at-risk-youth programs,
  • Child care and child development programs.
  • Men to Men mentorship programs ( am I my brother’s keeper)
  • Marriage and family counseling.
  • Women to women mentorship programs.
  • veterans, ex- offenders, and homeless
  • Substance abuse and life skill training programs, job training job placement programs.
  • Housing
  • Counseling